Students Opinions On Haunted Houses


Lexi Day, Reporter

Everyone knows that Halloween time means candy, costumes, and spooky decorations. But most of all, Halloween means haunted houses. Some people love getting the feeling that they might just pee their pants. However, getting spooked in a dark, creepy room doesn’t sound that appealing to everyone. Some people prefer a calmer, quieter way to spend their time.

There’s something different for everyone to love about a haunted house. Some people love going with their friends and laughing at themselves every time they get scared, others enjoy the dark, spooky feeling, and some people just love the blood-chilling, fear-inducing terror of someone jumping out at them.

There’s two different types of Halloween–scary Halloween, and cute Halloween. If you’re not someone that enjoys scary Halloween, there are plenty of other people with the same opinion as you. There’s something for everyone to love–no matter your preferences–about Halloween.

“Dressing up is way fun…but candy isn’t bad either,” Farmington Sophomore, Sarah Hess, said when asked what her favorite thing about Halloween is.

Some people like haunted activities because of the people they’re with. When asked who they would go with if they could go with anyone, several people answered different things.

Sarah would go with the not-so-scary approach.

“A friend that I trust not to scare me more and that is scared with me,” Hess said.

But not everyone agrees with Sarah. Others have different ideas.

Someone really hot cause then I have an excuse to jump in their arms,” Anonymous Sophomore said.

Whatever your opinion about haunted houses is, Halloween isn’t just about being scared. It’s a time to stay up late and have fun with friends, shop for costumes, carve jack-o-lanterns, and gorge yourself on all the Reese’s pumpkins you can eat. Halloween only comes once a year, so no matter which activities you prefer, enjoy your Halloween!