Students Love Holiday Traditions

Students Love Holiday Traditions

Ashley Heaton, Reporter

Holidays are great for so many reasons. They are just a happy time to be around family. Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. Which brings up a question, which holiday is the best?  

“I love the fourth of July but probably Christmas,” sophomore, Kylee Alsop, said when asked what her favorite holiday is.  

 “Everyone is just so happy and cheerful around the holiday,” Alsop said.

 She loves Christmas because of the way everyone acts. There is a definite feeling of cheer around Christmas that makes everyone feel happier. 

Another reason Kylee loves Christmas is because we don’t have school. The only other holidays we don’t have school on is Thanksgiving and the new year. Neither of those holidays get quite as much school off as we get for Christmas. Not having school for a few weeks because of Christmas is definitely a plus. 

So Christmas is pretty great because everyone is always so happy and willing to help out.  Christmas is definitely a popular favorite holiday, but it’s not everyone’s. 

“Christmas is just like everyone saying give me presents,” said sophomore, Hailey, Powell

 Hailey doesn’t like Christmas because she feels like it’s just about getting presents.  

“Halloween is a useless holiday,” Powell said. 

Hailey strongly hates Halloween and doesn’t like Christmas, so what is her favorite holiday? 

Hailey loves Easter. She really enjoys spring which makes her like Easter a lot more than any other holiday. 

All holidays are great. They all have great traditions that go along with them that make them super special. Truthfully there isn’t a best holiday everyone loves different holidays for there traditions.