VSCO Girls Take Over Farmington High


Sammy Hatch, Social Media Editor

“Sksksksk” and “And I oop-“ are two common phrases you will hear when you walk the halls the Farmington High School. VSCO girls are the new trend of 2019, and they do not seem to be going anywhere in the near future.  

First things first, to be a “VSCO” girl, there are a few things you need to do to really do the trend justice. Scrunchies, friendship bracelets, shell necklaces and Hydroflasks are essentials when going for this iconic look. Baggy t-shirts, messy buns and mom jeans are also a common trait attributed to people who identify with this trend.

The attitude of a VSCO girl is another story. They will likely have a Tik Tok obsession that followed the Vine craze. They can quote a plethora of Vines and probably make their own Tik Toks. They also probably follow other trends going around. VSCO girls like to keep up on all the current gossip so they can be as trendy as possible.

Does this trend annoy you? Do you wish it would pass already? Buckle up, in this day and age, things are constantly evolving and changing. People are constantly posting content online, so it’s not long before we come on to the next meme or trend and completely forget about VSCO girls and raiding Area 51. Let people enjoy current trends and fads because they are not sticking around for the long run. 

If you’ve ever been told that you are a VSCO girl and heavily denied it, there is a good chance you are in fact following this trend. And don’t be ashamed. A lot of people follow new trends, so embrace your VSCO-ness. You never know how long this trend will stay. Enjoy it will it is still relevant and before everyone has moved onto the next.