To Live Is To En-Durian The Struggles Of Life

To Live Is To En-Durian The Struggles Of Life

Jayden Selin, Reporter

Durians are a tasty fruit that that gets a bad rap around western regions for smelling like rotten eggs and onions, the durian is actually banned in many hotels and airlines due to its potent smell. Even with that being said, it has received the title of king of the fruits due to its heavenly taste and its strong smell. What makes durians distinguishable from other fruits besides their smell, is their spiky shell. The durian has many implementations, it can be used to create juice soup and seeds can even be roasted or used as a food stabilizer. It’s delicious custard like texture makes it very popular among people in south east Asia. The fruit is used to create a plethora of delicious desserts including durian ice cream of course, durian dodol (durian hard candy), durian waffles, durian puffs and durian cake is also very popular with its spongy yet creamy texture. Durian is known as the king of fruits for good reason, it has its very own crown, Of course, it being such a royal fruit is often eaten by the King of the jungle, tigers; cats seem to like durian for whatever reason. 

While durians typically have green shells and yellow flesh, less than 10 years ago the red durian was discovered in Sabah. The red durian has a yellow shell and the inside flesh is red, it has the same color and shape of a kidney. The red durian’s flesh is quite thin compared to the regular durian it has a bland taste and smells like fermented wine, however it is still in high demand around the area it is cultivated.

“Durians are very high in nutrients compared to most other fruits,” author of “Durian Fruit: Smelly but Incredibly Nutritious”, Kerri-Ann Jennings, said. 

The durian is one of the most nutritional fruits one can consume, it hosts 357 calories, 13 grams of fat, 9 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and a ton of vitamin C as well as vitamin B. It can also help with reducing risk of cancer, heart disease and lowering blood sugar. However, it must not be consumed with alcohol. Even the durian shell has healing properties as test have shown that it can stop mice from coughing and in extension it can do the same for humans. 

“While I have never personally tired Duran I would really like too, however, I acknowledge that I did not grow up around this flavor and it is quite foreign to me, so I will probably not like it,” a student who may or may not go to this school, Gabriele Selin, said. 

The durian is very healthy, wholesome fruit with some distinguishing features and plenty of implications. Despite the praise for the fruit, not enough people seem to have had the chance to indulge in the majesty that is this fruit. For those who wish to try out durian, you can buy them most likely at your local Asian supermarket, Perhaps Ocean Mart or even a Chinatown supermarket in South Salt Lake.