DECA Teaches Students Skills In Business


Mayli Winter, Reporter

Here at Farmington High there are lots of different clubs that students can join. One of which is DECA. DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and is a country wide club with 219,000 members. In this club, students are able to learn and acquire the skills necessary to own and run their own businesses.  

“DECA is a business and marketing club that helps High School students and college students learn more about being an entrepreneur and how to run businesses after they graduate.” President of DECA, Sariah Francis, said. 

In DECA, they have competitions, and, in their competitions, they present things called “roleplays” where the DECA groups are given a scenario based on what topic they are talking about and are given 10 minutes to prepare and 10 to presents. They perform their role play to the judges at competitions, and based on how good they do, is what score they get. Later in the competitions, they take a 100-question test about skills and subjects they learn in DECA. 

“I like DECA because it’s really helped me get out of my comfort zone.” Vice President of DECA, Bryn Farley, said. 

DECA is a very helpful club to all students who want to get further in their future career. It can give tips and suggestions to students who want to start their own companies. DECA is a $20.00 fee, you can pay in the office and give your recipe to Mrs. Porter. DECA is a great opportunity that everyone should try.