Exercise Helps Students In School

Exercise Helps Students In School

L Salmon, Reporter

One of the number one things that kids love to do to get relief from school and work is exercising. It is proven that exercise will improve your mental health and mood, help for depression and anxiety, decreased stress, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, improve sleep, boosts your brain activity and can help you focus.  

“Exercise won’t cure anxiety or depression, but the physical and psychological benefits can improve the symptoms,” therapist at the Couples Clinic of Louisville in Kentucky, Sally R. Connolly, explains. 

There are studies that say that exercise that gets your heart rate up is the best kind of exercise for people with anxiety. It is proven that exercise will help those the most who exercise consistently for at least several weeks, are not already physically active, have severe anxiety or do aerobic exercise such as jogging, swimming, or dancing.

I interviewed some athletes at Farmington high school to see what they think about how.

“Being on the School soccer team has helped me every day being able to exercise and release endorphins and be with girls that I love to be with and around,” Farmington girls soccer captain, Bently Fuller, says.

From personal experience, being on the girls Volleyball team last year and not playing this year has definitely affected my focus and if I didn’t workout on my own then my mental state would be negatively affected

Exercise is such a  great thing to help with self confidence, mental health, and physical health. Don’t put it off! JUST DO IT!