Food Feud at FHS: Which will you choose?


Sapphira Smith, Student Life Reporter

War. It’s been around since the first caveman learned to speak, or grunt for that matter. It has made its way here, to Farmington High School. This war involves the worst feeling of all time: hunger. Not just any kind of hunger, but teenage hunger. The solution? Food. Here at Farmington High, we have two main solutions to this problem. The snack bar, and the vending machines.

Options at the snack bar are usually hotter, and fresher food. For example, a huge hit there in the past has been their grilled cheese sandwiches. One thing the people aren’t particularly fond of is the fact that they don’t have pizzas on Tuesdays and Thursdays anymore. But they make up for it with their various flavors of smoothies.

“Last year, the snack bar was goated. They always had good food, like the pizza days. Those were my favorite days. They don’t do that anymore though. So I’d have to say my favorite thing to get there now is the grilled cheese,” senior, Ethan Roylance, said.

While the snack bar has hotter food, it also has social interaction. A couple students said this was the reason they like the vending machines more. Not only that, but the variety of chips, drinks, and treats (like Poptarts) are also very popular among students. The vending machines are accessible at all times during the day, which makes them more of a hit. However, they tend to become understocked very quickly, leaving people to snack on the unwanted Funyuns.

“I would rather go to the vending machine. It’s way easier and I don’t have to socially interact. I also like how they have energy drinks, because I’m always tired,” junior, AJ Holmes, said.

One thing we can all agree on is that the vending machines and the snack bar are a little pricey. Especially for a high school student’s income. However, you can almost always find someone standing in line at one or the other. It seems we would rather have food in our stomachs than money in our bank accounts.

So whether you like grilled cheese and chocolate milk, or chips and energy drinks, somewhere in the school, there will usually be food to take care of your hunger, just look for the dollar signs.