Students’ Preferred Music Platforms


Madi Spilker, Student Life Reporter

Music floats the halls at Farmington High. Students with earbuds, airpods or headphones on walk throughout the halls. Listening to music brings much joy and concentration to many students. This comes along with people’s favorite music platforms or their preferred platforms. When music is a big thing in a person’s life, this may be their most used app.

“I like Spotify because it is easy to use and has a lot of music,” sophomore, Easton Spilker, said.

Spotify is the most popular option for many. It has a total of 182 million subscribers that use this platform. Something that many people like about Spotify is it gives a daily/weekly playlist around what you have been listening to. This platform is more personal to users, but many don’t like how there is no Siri integration and there is limited access to the song lyrics.

“Apple Music all the way because, well I don’t know, it’s just the best,” senior, Abbie White, said.

Apple Music is a very popular option for many. They have a whopping 78 million subscribers around the world. Siri is integrated in this music platform, which is a huge pro to many. Just like Spotify, this platform has a “My Favorites” playlist which is a personalized playlist for users. You can also access lyrics, which many like. Users however don’t like how there isn’t online access through a web browser.

“I like Amazon Music because it’s free and I can download music,” senior, Owen Nichols, said.

Amazon Music is the least used platform for many, but it does have 55 million subscribers. Users like that you can download music and you can use offline listening on all your different devices. Any device can also download Amazon Music including iOS, Mac, Android, and web browsers.

Overall, students have access to many different platforms for music. It is the student’s choice to decide which platform fits their needs. Music is something that many love and enjoy. So find a platform that works for you.