Students Explore FCCLA

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Students Explore FCCLA

Ily Brimhall, Club Editor

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FCCLA stands for “Family, Career and Community Leaders of America” and is a club here at Farmington High that is aiming for students to become leaders and learn life skills to help them expand experiences for the future. FCCLA is also a Worldwide non-profit organization that is solely to help students on their way to success. They focus on several different topics such as “youth concerns, including teen pregnancy, parenting, family relationships, substance abuse, peer pressure, environment, nutrition and fitness, teen violence, and career exploration”, according to the FCCLA national Website. Their main focus since 1945 has been the family unit and keeping families well prepared and healthy.

Students who have joined FCCLA participate in several community service opportunities as well as learn leadership and communication skills for their lives. These students try their best to bring others to this positive organization. Schools throughout the Nation and even the World also take a week or longer to promote this Ultimate Leadership Experience. Here at FHS, FCCLA week will take place on February 11-15th this coming year and will include activities that promote the organization and encourages students to join the program.

On our team here at Farmington there are just three dedicated individuals: Hope Wright, Serena Wall, and Megan Speechly. During practices which take place once a week, these students do practice their given meals and alter recipes. The menu for this year consists of a fruity dessert and an elegant spinach dish. Recently, they have been perfecting their lemon tarts!

The theme for this school year (2018-2019) throughout the Nation is “Discover You” along with “Believe In Yourself”, and the team is excited to get working for upcoming competitions.

“Wonderful accepting environment and the hard working members,” FCCLA member, Hope Wright, said.

Just over 160,000 men and women have joined FCCLA across the US. Anyone can join this movement to improve lives across the world- there are no cons to it. Farmington is hopeful that the students on this team can make a difference in several lives including their own.