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Nix News

2020-2021 Staff

Jake Larson


you can put your shoes in the oven, but that don’t make them a pie

Taylor Roberts

Sports Editor

Roses are red Skunks really smell The mitochondria Is the powerhouse of the cell

Ellie Smith


Ellie (left). Yes I'm on the #reigntrain and I never got over Victoria staying on the Bachelor

Tate Wadsworth


Tate (right). I'm a junior and im still lost

Quentin Jenkins

Staff Writer

What's brown and sticky?

Brie Mitchell

Staff Writer

Hi I’m Brie! (right) I love ice cream and movies!

Gavin Wanner

Staff Writer

Work Hard Play Hard

Ellie Roberts

Staff Writer

Ellie Roberts (left) lover of bear lake and amazon prime

Charli Merrill

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Charli (top) and these doggos are my beloved Gus and Tucker. (I also love Starbucks if you couldn’t tell)

Noelle Wigren

Staff Writer

That's me, Noelle (right) and a Pine tree named Gordon le Pine (left) "I'm not dead yet...."-Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Joseph Griffin

Staff Writer

"I’m just here to lay it down."

Lexi Day

Digital Media Editor

I'm Lexi Day and I am a junior here at Farmington High. I love reading, photography, painting nails, and hanging out with my friends.

Kate Scott

Video Editor

Stay cool my friends

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