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Raegan Edelman

Raegan Edelman is currently employed as a meme-dealer. She is a world-renowned youtuber, best known for her famous series “Raegan Tries Stuff!”  When she grows up she plans to be the new resident young person on SNL (a replacement for the soon-to-be-married Pete Davidson) and will eventually upgrade to being Jimmy Fallon and running her own talk show. When asked if she had anything to add, she said, “Soon enough I’ll be famous. Then you’ll all be sorry.”

On a more serious note, Raegan spends a majority of her time water skiing, snow skiing, and doing anything outside. Her talents include quoting The Office and Ferris Bueller. She is unusually competitive so don’t talk to her about the NFL or the NBA because she will start to yell. When she becomes Jimmy Fallon she is going to use her money to go to majestic places and save the whales. She is currently the editor of the humor section of Nix News, and hopes you enjoy the content. Feel free to send her story ideas, really lame jokes, or ask her out on a date.

Raegan Edelman, Wall Yeet Journal Section Editor

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