Fire n Ink Writing Club Lets the Imagination Run Wild


Raegan Edelman, Wall Yeet Journal Section Editor

Farmington High School has many clubs, one of them being the creative writing club better known as ‘Fire and Ink.’ The writing club is a great place for students who want to express themselves through the art of writing.

The adviser of the club loves her position and enjoys spending time with the students involved and their great ideas.

“Fire n Ink is a great place to let your imagination out to play, explore those genres that you                                                                                                                                might not be able to explore in a regular English class, its just a fun place for kids to get together with the same interest!” Adviser of the club, Mrs. Stone said.

The club immerses itself into several different genres, and members of Fire and Ink get the opportunity to try fictional writing through short stories and pieces of novels, as well as more research-based writing ranging from memoirs to essays.

Students interested in learning new methods of writing, or simply trying something new are invited with no past experience necessary.

The club meets every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 in Mrs. Stone’s classroom, number 1309. It’s an excellent place to try new things and let the imagination run wild. This year has set the club up for great success as Farmington continues to grow, so be sure to check it out next year for a great opportunity to learn more about writing.