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2018-2019 Staff

Emma Olson

Assistant to the Wall Yeet Journal Section editor

Some quotes so that you get to know Emma better: "I refuse to fall in love with someone who looks better than me." "Is ebola a country?" "I only listen to the Lorax soundtrack." Also she writes funny stuff.

Creighton Southwell

Broadcast Producer

I like to party.

Cooper Davis

Broadcast Producer

No comment.

Sebastian Silvadoray


Hey, It's your boy, Sebastian. I'm a Sophomore, and I like holding the camera sometimes, other times I like writing, which one is next? You never know.

Brian Griffiths


My name is Brian Griffiths. I love Rush, Comic books, Hot sauce and the 1980's because who doesn't. I like to make jokes and try to be a good person. I HATE tomatoes, jerk people, vegan practices and the entire state of Califo...

Taylor Roberts


Hi I'm Taylor Roberts. I love to play soccer and basketball and hang out with friends. One quote told by a very wise young man that I have always admired states, "You can put your shoes in the oven, but that doesn't make them...

Jake Larson


My name is Jake Larson. I am a Sophomore at Farmington this year. I love to play soccer and I love stock images. I am excited to cover all sorts of stories this year, from sports to student life!

Mason Hall

Video editor

Name: Mason Occupation: The Meme Man Address: Nunya Ln Favorite Color: Purple “Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than ...

Grant Sommer

Website Admin

Grant Sommer is a website developer, he is one of the two student website admins. I know how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Claire Overton

Sports Editor

hey guys! I'm your sports editor and social media this year! I'm so excited for this year! I love hanging out with my friends and meeting new people. my favorite subject in school is anything that has to do with art or creativity.

Sariah Rodriguez de Almeida

Student Life Editor

Hey Phoenix! I'm Sariah and I'll be your student life and social media editor this year! I'm a huge fan of school spirit (trust me if you see me at a game you'll know), making friends, and just enjoying life! Academically, ...

Trent Mailliard

Video Editor

I'm Trent Mailliard. I'm a Video Editor for our school news, this year I am a Senior. I love cars, photography and traveling!

Ily Brimhall

Arts and Culture segment Editor

Hey! I’m Ily Brimhall and I am a junior! I love photography and ART! I love creating original views and just being a creative person in general! I also enjoy playing the flute, dancing, and cooking. I am over the arts and culture...

Aubrey Garfield

Video Editor

Hi! My name is Aubrey Garfield and I’m a senior here at FHS! I love photography, videographing, snowboarding, and meeting new people and I’m so excited to be apart of the first ever FHS publications staff!

Clayre Scott

Managing Editor

My name is Clayre with a Y, despite what many substitute teachers and auto correct may tell you. A fun fact about me is that the first time I called an uber I was lost in Versailles by myself in the pouring rain. Which, you know,...

Raegan Edelman

Wall Yeet Journal Section Editor

Raegan Edelman is currently employed as a meme-dealer. She is a world-renowned youtuber, best known for her famous series “Raegan Tries Stuff!”  When she grows up she plans to be the new resident young person on SNL (a repla...

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