Movie Review: Shang-Chi

Movie Review: Shang-Chi

Jackson Lindsay, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” made nearly half a billion dollars in box offices. Was it worth the hype, though? The movie introduces a whole new lore to the MCU dealing with the Ten Rings, a mystic and powerful weapon that has shaped human history. It follows the protagonist, Shang-Chi, living in San Francisco, with a very normal life. However, he is attacked by men working the Ten Rings for his necklace, which belonged to his mother. We find out that his own father is the leader of the Ten Rings.

Shang-Chi was trained as an assassin, but ran away on his first mission. Concerned that they found him, he goes to look for his sibling who also has a necklace from their mother. They find her in an underground fighting ring. Once they get there, they are again attacked by the Ten Rings. Both siblings are captured and brought to the headquarters of the Ten Rings. Following a sequence where they escape, they enter a mystical forest. A lot of their mother’s backstory is explained at this point. Basically, they end up protecting this birthplace of their mother from the Ten Rings and their father, who believes they can bring her back by destroying the place.

Overall, the movie was okay.  The plot had some holes, didn’t make sense at points, and was a pretty boring story. The fighting choreography was fantastic, as well as the special effects, as it usually is for Marvel movies.

“It was one of my favorite movies I saw last year,” senior, Nick Varela, said.

“It was disappointing. I didn’t love it,” senior, Beau Branch, said.

If you’re looking for a movie to just pass the time, or you’re bored, I would recommend watching this. Just don’t go in expecting Marvel’s best movie of the year.