Farmington High Shocks Students With New Date For Fall Dance


Lexi Day, Reporter

Farmington High School’s Fall Ball will be on November 16. Until recently, Farmington High was going to have a Christmas dance, but due to “scheduling issues”, the dance was changed to the Fall Ball. This change moved the date of the dance up a month, sending many students into a commotion as they tried to figure out who to ask and how to ask.

Usually students ask two to three months in advance, but because of the date change, students only have just over a month to ask, answer, and plan their date to the dance. This has made many students feel frantic.

Everyone knows that to ask someone to a dance, you have to make a big deal out of it. You do something cute–usually a poster with some sort of candy, stuffed animal, or something like that. This might be a problem for those that aren’t very creative. Some students might know who they’re going to ask, but can’t think of a way to ask. One way to find ideas is to look on Pinterest. Pinterest has endless ideas for all the different dances. Another way to find ideas is simply to ask friends. Others often know of cute ideas to ask, or even answer, someone to a school dance.

After you’ve gotten an answer, next comes the planning. Before the day of the dance is the day date. There are so many different activities you can do for your day date. There’s mini golfing, bowling, an escape room, etc. The day date doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be as simple as getting together at someone’s house and playing board games. This activity won’t work very well without a group, though. However, most students go to dances and have their day date in a group, so this most likely isn’t a problem.

The Fall Ball is coming up fast, so be sure to hurry and ask someone before anyone else can get to them. There are innumerable ways to ask and answer someone, and so many different ways to plan the day date. Whatever you decide to do, hopefully it’s something that everyone participating will enjoy.