Now What Is Up With The Elf On The Shelf?


Jayden Selin, Reporter

The elf on the shelf has become a Christmas tradition that just came seemingly out of nowhere. Why would anyone put a creepy doll on a shelf to watch their children? this article has the answers for those who just so happen to be wondering. 

The elf on the shelf is not actually a grand old Christmas tradition it claims to be, it started in 2005 with a book called The Elf on the Shelf a Christmas tradition by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell and the illustrations were done by Coë Steinwart. Supposedly, the elf has magic powers and it can fly to the North pole from anywhere in the span of one night. Of course, you have to name the thing first before it develops these special powers. Most people probably know at this point that the elf is supposed to watch over children as some sort sentry that reports their good or bad behavior to the big red boss himself. Santa is not the one who watches you when your sleeping it’s actually this “scouting elf” you buy for your kids. Also touching the elf will cause it to lose its powers and when that happens the child won’t be able to let Santa know what they want for Christmas and they get nothing. 

One thing people really like to do with their shelf elves has to be putting them in interesting and creative situations around their houses. Some people like their elves to look cute while others dress up as the elf themselves…? 

“The best part of Elf on the Shelf is you can be as involved with it as much as you want. You can get creative or you can just move your Elf from shelf to shelf. It’s really up to you!” Stephanie Glover, The Toy Insider, said. 

With that aside there are arguments about whether the elf is good for children and their views of security. People believe that this doll is teaching children to accept a state of surveillance. 

“The popular seasonal doll is preparing a generation of children to uncritically accept “increasingly intrusive (albeit whimsically packaged) modes of surveillance.” Peter Holley, From The Washington Post, said.

Many people believe that the elf is a bad influence on children, because it can indirectly impact their views on privacy when they are older. Some parents also believe that that elf teaches only external lessons on good behavior meaning a child should act nice if they are receiving some sort of reward. 

For those who wish to buy Elvis on shelvis, they should be free to do so and even post pictures of it on social media if they are inclined and for those who believe the elf has some sort of hidden agenda that’s all good on them to.