Girls Basketball Looks Forward To A Great Season


L Salmon, Reporter

Girls basketball coach, Coach Price, and a member of the team, Brooklyn Perkins, were interviewed and gave a couple of opinions and heads up on how they think this girls basketball season is going to go.  

“I am really excited to win region because i feel like we can really win. Our teams really good and we have everything that we need to win. We have improved on defense a lot, and a few specific players have really improved their defense over the summer so it’ll help the whole team overall. And Abigail Ferrell is a big impact on our team because she’s really fast and she scores a lot of points for us so that helps us out a lot and brings good momentum for us.” Girls basketball senior, Brooklyn Perkins, said.

Coach Price felt the same way as Brooklyn. 

“I’m excited because we have a really good team coming back. Everyone was young last year. We have a lot of depth in our players this year now. The surprise of the year right now is Abigail Ferrell, she has been averaging over 20 points a game and that is really exciting,” Head coach, Coach Price, said.

It sounds like this year is going to go pretty good and that the girls will go far in the playoffs. Be sure to come to the games to support them and show your Farmington Phoenix Pride!