Heelys Bless FHS

Heelys Bless FHS

Kaden Frost, Reporter

Whoever thought of Heelys is a genius. Shoes with wheels is the best thing this world has to offer. Have you ever had to park in the back of the parking lot and thought, “Wow, I do not want to walk that far”? With Heelys it’s more like “wow, I wish that I had parked farther away.” You can get places much faster without having to waste your energy on running or walking. They are also very fun. 

I recently got some new Heelys for Christmas and I’m already seeing improvements in my day to day life. Things are just better when you have Heelys. Not only will they bless your individual life, but they will bless those around you. If someone was having a bad day and you skate by them on Heelys, you will get a guaranteed smile, maybe even a giggle. 

“Heelys have truly changed my life. Since the day I got Heelys I no longer felt depression, anger or anxiety. They have truly changed my perspective on life. Not only have they cured mental illness that I have faced but they have helped me to find God. Because of how truly blessed I have felt to have Heelys I have completely changed my outlook on life to serving others. Heelys completely changed me,” a student at FHS, Treymaughan Wood, said. 

In conclusion, Heelys are worth the money. Everyone should go get some ASAP!