Seniors Are Getting Ready For Real Life

L Salmon, Reporter

Listen up, if you are a Sophomore or Junior, you can keep reading if you want, but this is a wake up call for all of the Farmington High Seniors. The end of the school year is coming faster than you know it and you have to be prepared for real life. This is what you have been training for ever since you took those first steps into preschool with your new backpack and first day school outfit that mom picked out for you. It is almost time to put on your big boy pants and go into real life. 

An article online talks about 5 important ways to get ready for real life. The 5 biggest ways to get prepared for real life are: 

  1. Be prepared and organized. It is easy right now to be disorganized and just skim by, but in real life that doesn’t fly. 
  2. Present yourself professionally. If you want to be a respected adult, you will have to present yourself as an adult that is well put together. First impressions are important and you want to make the best first impression you can. 
  3. Communicate effectively and manage your time wisely. Communication is key to everything in life. If you can communicate with others, you will be able to solve any problem that comes your way. And being able to manage time is something everyone knows is just a necessity if your ever gonna wanna be able to get anything done. 
  4. Build business relationships. When you build relationships, you will get to know people who know people who can help you further your life in your career. 
  5. Utilize, engage, network, and participate. Participating will make you more aware and more approachable. Instead of being the person asking all of the questions, you will be the person answering all of them.  

“Real life is definitely harder than just being in high school. Your well being depends on how determined you are and how well you are doing the things you do. As long as you are prepared and determined, you will be ready,” Farmington high principle, Mr. Swanson, said. 

  With practicing these 5 skills, it will help you appear more mature and eventually grow into a mature, successful adult with good habits. Get ready because it’s coming faster than you think.