Seniors Give Advice For Senioritis


Sammy Hatch, Social Media Editor

Graduation is just around the corner for seniors. One thing that comes with being a senior that teachers, parents and even students hate: senioritis. Senioritis is the lack of motivation to do any work or go to your classes. So, seniors want to give the juniors advice to help combat senioritis.

This lack of motivation actually gets in the way of graduation a lot because students think that it’s their senior year, and they can just goof off and there won’t be any consequences. This is not the case, however; many seniors get U’s and fail classes. This causes the rush the last month of school to make everything up.

“Take classes you are actually interested in so that you want to go, and it’s not just an obligation,” Farmington Senior, Brielle Sessions, said.

Seniors have a habit of filling their schedules with classes they aren’t interested in, so they don’t have the desire to after the first few weeks of school. Students then get an enormous amount of absences which then leads to citizenship U’s, and they are likely to fail the class, too.

“Get home release. The less classes you have to go to, the more likely are you to actually go to them,” Senior, Sierra Brunson, said.

Often, by the time you reach your senior year, you have almost all of your required credits to graduate. Home release is a good alternative from taking a class you’re just going to ditch. This way you can’t fail it, and ruin your chance of graduating. Only do this if you have enough credits to graduate, though.

Juniors, learn from your seniors’ mistakes and be better. Senioritis doesn’t have to be such a big issue anymore.