The Debate Between White Boards And Chalk Boards

Kaden Frost, Reporter

For awhile, people have been asking their friends if they would rather write on a chalkboard or a white board. It’s been a conversation starter for years now. Chalkboards are more OG, but white boards are cleaner and more smooth.

I personally think that white boards are way better than chalkboards. White boards are a lot more smooth and satisfying to write on. When you get a good marker and write and nice smooth white board there is no better feeling, except for when you erase it, that is always so nice.

Chalkboards make weird cringy noises from time to time and it is not okay. They also can get your clothes all chalky from the chalk. When you walk into a room with a chalkboard it seems dark and depressing, but when you walk into a room with a white board the board is bright and reflects the light in the room which makes you feel happy.

I talked to a couple students at Farmington High School about this subject and they shared the same views as me.

“White boards are superior!” Treymaughan Wood, a student from Farmington High School, said.

“I personally love white boards because of the smooth surface,” Nic Wood, another student from Farmington High School, said.

If you are ever trying to decide between putting a white board or chalkboard in your home, choose the white board, your life will be blessed.