Writing Club Provides A Fun Outlet For Creativity


Lexi Day, Reporter

Here at Farmington High School, there are many different clubs offered to the students. Some of them may not be as well known as others. One of these is the creative writing club. The creative writing club is just what it sounds like–a club to write!

The advisor of the writing club is Mrs. Roberge. She gives the group a prompt at the beginning of every meeting to start off their writing and get them started.

“The purpose of the writing club is to have fun with creative writing…to learn new things, to try new things, to try different genres to see what your good at, and to just spend time with other people that also love to creatively write,” Advisor, Mrs. Roberge, said.

The writing club is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy–though some might like it a little less than others.

“Well if you don’t like writing you probably shouldn’t come to this club…but if you really enjoy just talking about your favorite characters, movies or books and you love reading and you love writing, you are gonna love this club,” Club presidency member, Sera Hunter, said.

The club, however, is not just for writing little stories for fun. There are other things they do that would benefit many people.

“We even help you with your essays if you need help with your essay if you’re in a class, so if you would just like to come in and have people read over the essays that you’re writing for your classes, we would totally love to look at them,” Hunter said.

The club meets in room 2810 every Wednesday after school. All you have to do to join is show up. It could be a fun opportunity to maybe meet new people and write things just for fun–without the stress of a deadline.