National Principal Appreciation Day

National Principal Appreciation Day

Lexi Day, Reporter

This Friday, May first, is National Principal Appreciation Day. Throughout the school year, we as students have a tendency to forget how much our school’s faculty really does for us–especially our Principal. Many of us tend to think of the Principal just as that guy that runs the school, but maybe this Friday we can be more grateful for all that he does.

Some students were able to think of things that they were grateful that Principal Swanson does for the school.

“I like how he’s made the school feel like an overall safe and fun place to be,” an anonymous Sophomore said.

“I am grateful that he takes the time to get to know the students. I think it’s super cool that he will stand outside in the mornings to welcome us to school,” a Farmington Sophomore, Taylor Davidson, said.

We can all look at the things that Principal Swanson does for our school and be grateful for them. This Friday, take a moment to appreciate everything our principal does to help us out.