What Now?

What Now?

Lexi Day, Reporter

This year isn’t even halfway over, and already we’ve gone through some things that no one expected. A pandemic broke out, schools were closed, social distancing was put in place, and everyone went on semi-quarantine. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it so that many of our daily activities were cancelled or changed. Even though it was changed, school still went on. For many, school was just something that gave us all something to do in an otherwise boring situation. But, with school practically over, what will we do now?


Some restaurants and stores have opened, but most have some restrictions in place. Wear a mask, limit the amount of people coming in, keep six feet of space between everyone. All these rules will make it difficult to go and do the things we want to. So, what do we do to keep ourselves from going insane? Below are some ideas for easy, stay at-home fun.


  1. Decorate with photos. There are many different activities to be done with all sorts of pictures, both cut-outs from magazines or taken by you. Some examples are: collage, memory/inspiration board, photo lamp, photo memory box, etc. There are so many things you can do with just a few pictures! Check out more ideas here: https://craftsbyamanda.com/27-diy-photo-projects/
  2. Color! Sure, coloring can be a little childish at times, but it can also be very relaxing. You can print out and color a simple picture, or get a little braver and tackle an adult coloring page. I know I never finish the ones I start, but if you’re motivated (or bored!) enough, it’s worth a try.
  3. Make a fort. If you have younger siblings, this could be a great one to do. Take an afternoon to build a fort using pillows, blankets, chairs, boxes, or whatever else you can find! A fort can provide all kinds of entertainment. Obviously it’s entertaining to build it, but it can also be fun to play games in it, watch movies in it or, if you’re up to it, you could even sleep in it for a night.
  4. Rearrange your room. Sometimes it can get boring, having your room look the same all the time. It could be fun to spice it up a little and change some things around. It could be as simple as hanging up some pictures or artwork, or it could be completely rearranging everything.

Here are some links to websites with more fun and creative ideas for at-home fun. Stay safe and enjoy your summer vacation!