Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Taylor


Charli Merrill, Staff Writer

Mr. Taylor has been working here at Farmington High School since it opened, so chances are you might have had him as a teacher at some point.  But how much do you really know about him?  

Mr. Taylor got his degree at Utah state University, which he called the greatest school In the world. He has been a teacher for almost six years and teaches psychology classes here at the high school. He said that his subject is his favorite thing about teaching. 

When asked why he chose to teach psychology, he said, “I always have had a big interest in finding out why people do the things that they do. Then I found a science that helps me learn about that.” 

His favorite thing about Farmington High school is the awesome teachers that he gets to work with. But before teaching, he had many different jobs outside the education field. He was a college advisor for incoming students, a recruiter for Utah state, a waiter and he even worked at a grocery store. Mr. Taylor has always permanently lived in Utah, but spent summers in many different places like Georgia, Ohio, Minnesota, and South America for two years on a religious hiatus. 

Something he wants students to know about him, is he just had a baby on the third day of school, named Charlie-Hope, and a lot of his time is now spent with her. This was his first child.  Outside of school, he likes to watch television. He loves reality shows, classic comedies, and basically every genre besides scary. He even has most of the streaming services available right now. Mr. Taylor also likes to do puzzles and things like that, but these activities and teaching are what takes up all of his time.  

Something you might not know is there is a mural of him in the football stadium at Utah state. Another thing most people might not know about him is that he was on the FBI’s most wanted list for being framed for stealing the crown jewels.  

So if you didn’t know lots on Mr. Taylor,  now you do! 

The last thing Mr. Taylor wanted to say to students was, “Cover your nose, Stop it (if you’re doing anything you’re not supposed to), you will survive.”