COVID-19 Affects Skiing


Noelle Wigren, Reporter

Utah is known for the “Greatest Snow on Earth” right? Many students here at Farmington love to ski and snowboard. And they are getting ready for this winter season. It is the time of year when classrooms were getting small because most students were leaving school to go skiing. But with COVID this year how will it affect students’ lives and skiing?

In past years students would leave school early during the weekdays to go skiing when the resorts wont be that busy. But this year is different. When students at Farmington were asked where they preferred to go most of them said Snow Basin and if you liked to go to a skiing place only Alta was another good resort. But the real question is, will Covid ruin this ski season? Will students be leaving school to go? We are only going to school 4 days a week. And soft closures are only 4 days a week. 

“I don’t think that skiing will affect students because me and all my friends are planning on going Fridays when we don’t have scheduled classes.” Junior,  Finn Shaffer said.

Fridays might be the new day where all the students will be skiing and at school. Most resorts are opening soon, and you might ask what they will do this year for Covid restrictions. Some resorts like Brighton are just opening to pass holders only. Most of the resorts are still going open and they will take anyone, but they do have limited parking. Recently most places make you make a reservation before you come so they can control the number of people coming. But resorts are saying that they don’t have to, but always check to make sure just in case that the resort requires it.

“I think that most of it will be the same. It’s already socially distanced and most people are already wearing masks.” Junior, Luke Marriot said.

With covid still around, we still have to be careful in all that we do. Ski resorts might not be that busy this year. Because a lot of traveling has stopped. We don’t know what this ski season will bring with Covid still here. But like most cases, Utahns and students here at Farmington are learning to adapt with what life brings us.