Farmington Students are Hoping for Prom


Joseph Griffin, Staff Writer

High school dances are a classic staple in any high school experience. But with the pandemic we’ve gone through for almost a year now, students have had to adapt and dances have looked very different. Prom last year was cancelled abruptly, and this year’s homecoming dance was organized entirely by our PTSA because the school was not allowed to have one. But as we near the end of this year we are hopeful that we can experience a prom even in these uncertain times.

“Yeah I definitely want to have a prom this year, it’s my senior year and we missed last year so I am especially looking forward to a prom,” Senior, Jayden Allred said.

While the school has confirmed that we will in fact be having a prom this year, there are some doubts among students, due to a prom being planned out last year then getting cancelled due to the pandemic. And because we are still in that pandemic it leaves the worry that it may not be the safe option. Jayden Allred’s thoughts were very hopeful for a prom however.

“100%, I believe that our school will figure out a way to make it happen, we will probably have to wear masks and take some other precautions but I definitely think that the school will get it done,” Allred said.

Other students shared Jayden’s optimism for a prom this year but with different reasoning. Trenton’s thoughts about whether or not we had the dance were very simple.

“What is Covid?” Senior, Trenton Davis said.

Obviously Farmington really wants to have our dance this year. Luckily if there’s anyone who can make the dance happen it is our principal Rich Swanson. MVP of Farmington high school, and my personal hero.