Farmington’s Theater Performs Blithe Spirit


Mccall Brown, Staff Writer

Blithe Spirit is the spring play for Farmington High School! This is a fun, witty, comical play that has great reviews. This production was published and produced in the year 1941 by Noel Coward. When Coward wrote this play several critics claimed that it was his best work. The play is about a writer, named Charles Condomine, seeking inspiration to write books. He decides it would be a good idea to see a medium to have a séance. During this event the medium brings back the dead wife of Charles. While the dead wife is back from the dead there is a twist. Charles is the only one that can see her ghost! Charles then tries to figure out what he should do about the situation. 

Blithe Spirit ran February 3-6 and was a huge success. Several guests that attended the play claimed that they had never heard of the production before seeing it here at Farmington High School. Four people were chosen to be interviewed for this play which happened to be Ethan Bybee, Amanda Baker, Mrs. Land, and Ms. Roads. 

Ethan Bybee played the role of Charles Condomine in the silver cast. Ethan said that his favorite thing about this play was how challenging it was as an actor because it helped him grow considering that there was no music throughout the production. He claimed that it is a good play to go see because of how funny it is. 

Amanda Baker played the role of Madame Arcati in the silver cast as well. She claimed that this play is really unique because not a lot of people know about it. Amanda also said that some of her inspiration for theater is that you get to learn about different people and cultures which leads to you taking it upon yourself to become the character. 

“I love my character because I can act absolutely crazy,” junior, Amanda Baker, said.

Mrs. Land is the fine arts teacher and picked this production. She selected this play because she thinks it’s fun and has always liked it. There also were enough characters to give everyone an opportunity to be a part of it. She claims that everyone that has come is surprised at how funny it is. Mrs. Land started performing in theater at age four and by age twelve she was performing professionally. Theater has always been a part of her life which has been her inspiration. 

“It’s fun, it’s a comedy, it’s silly, it’s delightful,” fine arts teacher, Mrs. Land said. 

This production was very fun for the cast along with all that attended. It was a fun change from typical plays because of the uniqueness of the different characters and plot.