A Quarantine Survival Guide


Cali Layton, Staff Writer

Two weeks. That’s now a normal amount of time for me to go without leaving my house. This is a common occurrence throughout the country as more and more schools go on soft closures and more and more students go into quarantine. Just this past week both of my parents tested positive for Covid 19 and we all went into isolation. Now on the other end of the experience, here are my top 10 quarantine must-haves for high schoolers.

1. A good and cute pair of blue light glasses

With all of the Zoom classes and online assignments that we have had to endure, a pair of blue light glasses really help keep your eyes alert and keep you focused. They’re also a great way to keep your eyes in shape while you start binge watching that series you’ve been wanting to start… Plus they come in so many different colors and styles that there is a pair out there for everyone!

2. A 10ft long phone charger

A 10ft phone charger is essential while in quarantine. When the only plug in the living room is on the opposite side of the room from the couch, this super long cord comes in handy. A long cord is a great tool to have when you want to Zoom into your class on your phone while having your assignment open on your laptop, after you spent the last four hours watching various YouTube videos and your phone is about to die…

3. A good pair of headphones

Airpods. Obviously.

4. A couple pairs of comfy sweats

We all have that classic lazy afternoon outfit that we can’t wait to change into when we get home from school. One of the perks of staying home all day is that you can wear that  outfit ALL DAY LONG! No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s homework or playing Mario Kart, sweats are the way to go!

5. Invest in a Minky Couture blanket

Have you ever imagined what a cloud feels like when you touch it? Well look no further because that is what Minky blankets feel like all the time! Over quarantine I invested in Minky and I never looked back! Cuddling up on the couch after a long day of staring at my teacher’s faces over Zoom is the perfect way to end another day in quarantine.

6. A selection of podcasts to listen to

Podcasts have boomed in popularity over the last couple of years. It seems like everyone these days has started a podcast of their own. Listening to a podcast while doing homework or out on a walk is a great way to stay entertained while cooped up. One of the most popular podcasts on the apple podcast app is the Office Ladies Podcast. It is hosted by two cast members from the tv show The Office and takes you behind the scenes of each episode. Listening to this show will help you answer the question: Which bear is best? (if you know you know)

7. A good book

You know that you’ve been watching tv for a while when ‘are you still watching’ pops up on your screen for the third time. Take that as a sign that you need to take a break from the hours and hours that you’ve been watching Riverdale, because I know that you have been. Reading is an awesome way to entertain yourself for a while and there are so many good books out there to read! There are even online libraries where you can check out and read books on your phone! (another good way to use those blue light glasses and 10ft charger I was talking about earlier…)

8. A cold beverage and good water bottle

Although not everyone has a fridge dedicated to drinks in their garage… it’s always a good idea to have plenty of your favorite drinks on hand! Or if you’re like me, run to Starbucks and grab yourself a venti pink drink. Treat yourself, it makes long days in quarantine go by quicker.

9. A good Doordash username and password

Since you can’t really go out to eat while in quarantine, have someone bring it to you instead! If you want a Crumbl cookie at 9am, pull up your Doordash app and get yourself a delicious treat. Doordash is a great way to try new foods while still stuck at home!

10. Convince your parents to get a Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime subscription- with no commercials of course

If you don’t already have at least one of these streaming services on your tv or phone right now… where have you been the last ten years? Watching a movie or a few episodes of a good tv show are great ways to destress and relax while in quarantine. Whether you’re into reality shows like the Bachelor or Dance Moms (Hulu), or you love a good comedy like New Girl or Avatar the Last Airbender (Netflix), these services have all the movies and tv shows that you could ever need!

Having to quarantine is never fun, but hopefully these 10 things will make your experience better! Now go and start watching Hannah Montana on Disney Plus and live your best quarantine life!