Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Roberge


McCall Brown, Staff Writer

Ms. Roberge is an English teacher here at Farmington High School. She wanted to become a teacher because she has always had a love for kids and a passion for teaching others. This started when she tutored her friends in high school and discovered a liking for teaching. Ms. Roberge went to school at Brigham Young University and majored in English education. She minored in art history along with teaching English language learners. The first school that Ms. Roberge worked at was West Lake High School in Saratoga Springs for a year. From there she moved to Vegas where she taught English to students from all over the world including Korea, France, Brazil, Germany, and many more countries. Then she moved to a charter school for two years where she taught the seventh and eighth grade. After teaching three years in Vegas she moved to Washington D.C. where she taught special education for a year. For the past two years, Farmington High School has been the place where Roberge has created a fun and unique learning environment that students look forward to coming to because she is such a fun person to be around. For the past seven years, her favorite thing about being a teacher is helping a student that is struggling realize that they can accomplish many things.

“The highlight of teaching in D.C. was getting a stapler thrown at my head by a student,” English teach, Ms. Roberge said.

Students love Ms. Roberge for several reasons. I personally had her as my English teacher for a semester and had a great experience each time I came to class. Students love her because she takes the time to explain to students how to improve their English skills for not only the current class they are in, but for future class they may take. Roberge tells fun experiences, jokes, and always has a fun, happy attitude.

“My favorite thing about Ms. Roberge is her brutal honesty,” senior, Luke Langpap said.

In Ms. Roberge’s free time, she likes to go skiing and rock climbing. She recently received her scuba diving certification that she got at the crater in Midvale, Utah. This upcoming spring break she will be planning her wedding that will occur three weeks after the break. During the summer she will be going to different countries in Europe with a group of students and living in Sweden.

“I love to rock climb outside in the summer so I am excited for summer,” Roberge said.

Ms. Roberge is a very fun and helpful English teacher that makes class enjoyable with her many jokes and fun life stories. If you get the opportunity to have her as a teacher you will have a good time!