Is Homework Helping Students?


Charli Merrill, Staff Writer

With all the online school we’ve been doing this year, you’re bound to have homework. Sure, homework can help you learn and practice concepts you don’t understand fully while at school, but how much is it actually doing for our memory and grades?

There has been a lot of discussion concerning whether homework is helpful and necessary or not. A survey done by states that the average student has 3.5 hours of homework per night if they’re taking 5 classes, which can be overwhelming. That sounds like a lot especially since this number can fluctuate depending on what classes you are enrolled in. Others argue homework is worth the time and hassle. In an article called “Students Spend More Time on Homework but Teachers Say It’s Worth It”, teachers say that it’s about the quality of the homework rather than the amount, and most teachers still think homework is beneficial. So, what do FHS students think about this long disputed topic?

“I think that homework is okay but I don’t understand why teachers have to be so strict about it. It definitely depends on the teachers.” Sophomore, Sam Lunt said.

“The only time I think homework is okay is if you didn’t finish your work in class,” Sophomore, Kaleb Weggeman said.

“I think it’s stupid and it’s just busy work. It’s nothing important that you’ll use in life.” Senior, Adi Thredgold said.

In an article by, they say 35 studies show that 77% see the relation between homework and achievement is positive. As you can see, everyone has their own opinion on the matter, and that’s totally okay! Regardless of your standpoint, handing in assignments and fulfilling class requirements is the most important thing. If you get homework done, you’ll feel much better about it in the future. 

Though homework can be stressful, teachers just want to prepare you for life after high school, and make sure you comprehend the content. As long as you try your best, it should work itself out in the end.