Dance Company Provides Additional Dance Opportunities


McCall Brown, Staff Writer

Farmington High School has several fun activities, clubs, classes, and teams that you can be a part of. When it comes to the athletic department our school has two different dance teams, the Nixelles and the Dance Company. Our dance company is a very fun way to become involved with the school, make friends, and have a great time dancing. The dance company makes it possible for you to be in other sports halftime shows, perform at assemblies, and choreograph dances with your friends in the class. 

One of our seniors here at Farmington High loves to dance and is one of our great dancers for the dance company. Her name is Hallie Daines. Hallie has been dancing for about fourteen years and has loved it ever since she started. She said that she wanted to be involved in something at school so this was a great way to do it. Hallie says that this is an opportunity to give you twenty built in best friends as well as being able to choreograph your own dances expressing creativity. Hallie’s favorite style of dance is contemporary because she loves expressing her emotions through dance. 

“My favorite part about dance company is that we can all learn from each other because we do student choreography,” senior, Hallie Daines said. 

Mrs. Kimball is our awesome dance teacher and she is a huge part of our dance company. Mrs. Kimball didn’t know that she wanted to be a dance teacher right away. Instead she had multiple majors while attending BYU and came to the conclusion that she wanted to be a runner. After experiencing a marathon she decided that running wasn’t what she wanted to do and took a dance class. There they needed a teacher and Mrs. Kimball took the position. She found her passion for becoming a dance teacher because it combines her two favorite things, teaching and dancing. 

“Dance company is an opportunity to develop new dance skills because the students create their own dances,” dance teacher, Mrs. Kimball said.

The Farmington High Dance company is a great way to do what you love, make friends, and become involved in school activities. Join this awesome dance team next year!