Do’s and Don’ts of School Dances


McCall Brown, Staff Writer

The year has come to an end and, in a typical school year, all of the dances would be over. These are fun activities that the school would normally host where friends can go have fun at day dates, dinners, and of course the actual dance. Yes, these are some of the most fun and most memorable activities in high school, but there are several unspoken rules about these events. They are the do’s and don’ts of school dances.

There are multiple dances each year including Homecoming, Fall Ball, Sweethearts, and Prom. They are all so fun to go to but everyone has to have their favorite of course. Some guys say they like girls’ choice dances more because they do not have to plan it whereas some people like homecoming and prom more because they are fancier and more people tend to go. People should go to dances because they are a fun reason to go out and hang with friends!

“Prom and homecoming are my favorite, but that’s just because they are fun and big, and fancy!” senior, Sarah McEuen said.

Now it is time to talk about things that you should NOT do at dances. Everyone knows that one of the top things to expect when going to a dance is that there will almost always be drama when planning the dance whether it is guys or girls choice. Something that multiple people have agreed on is to not change the plan at the very last minute. Another big pet peeve of multiple people is when there are people in your group that you or your date do not like a lot because it can make the experience not as enjoyable. Then, students agree that no matter who your date is, you should talk to them through the entire activity along with dancing with your date through slow dances.

“I don’t like it when people I don’t like are in the group,” senior, Ben Kimball said.

What are the best parts of dances? Something that everyone loves about dances are the people that they get to go to whether it is just their date or the entire group or both! The day dates are super fun activities for everyone to go hangout and possibly meet other people in the group. The dinner is always super fun because the food is always super good and then going to an absolute party afterwards.

“I love dances because it is definitely a fun experience to just let go and not have to think about anything and just dance,” senior, Amaya Sayes said.

Dances are a super fun way to get out and do something with your friends.