Hundreds Battle To Keep The Name Josh


Noelle Wigren, Staff Writer

This year on April 24th there was a fight that went down in Lincoln, Nebraska. Where hundreds of people with the name Josh showed up to have a pool noodle fight to see who would win and could keep the name Josh. But there is a story behind why hundreds of Josh’s met together to see who is the rightful bearer of the name Josh. It all started last year on April 24, 2020, when Josh Swain was in quarantine, and bored and he was trying to sign up for social media and was a little frustrated that he couldn’t just use his name at all. Just Josh Swain because others had his name and he had to use a different variation of his name. So, he found other Josh Swains and made a group chat and reached out to them and challenged them to a fight to see who The Josh Swain was.

With a whole year of planning the Josh’s finally pulled it off. It was originally going to only be about thirty Josh’s, but it blew up on reddit, Instagram and other social media platforms. The original place they were going to hold it wouldn’t work. So, they picked a different place and it turned out to be a park in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which would be able to hold lots of people and fight. He told them to bring pool noodles to fight with and he set up a charity along with this. One of the charities was a food can one where non perishable food can be donated to a food pantry. And then an online charity was set up and they ended up donating around hundred thousand dollars to a children’s hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.  And to bring a mask to be safe with Covid-19.

Hundreds of Josh’s from around the world met and fought on the 24th of April. There are billions of videos on line of what went down. And everyone dressed up or just showed up as themselves. From Obi One Kenobi, to Spider man, to just Josh, people had fun with what they were doing. Some people want to continue it every year and make it an annual event but for different names. Maybe in 2022 we could have a Kyle fight. Or a Brad fight. 

“I wanted to go to the fight but I didn’t. I think it is a sick thing and should be done annually. But it must always be a Joshua fight.” Junior, Josh Reid said.

The Josh fight isn’t just a funny meme, but was also a great cause as seen with the charity and donations that were made from the simple text to see who had the right to have the name Josh. 

“I wouldn’t have gone, I think it’s funny, and I don’t see any problem with it. And I think it made everyone laugh. It was a great idea.” Junior, Charli Merrill said

The Josh fight is one to never forget, and it reminds us that there are still fun times going on in this chaotic world we live in. That we can give back to the world and others around us. So, maybe next time there is a Josh fight or a charity that happens in our community we might contribute. The Josh fight brings smiles and laughs to everyone who talks about it.