You And Me Go Drivin’ in the Dark


Emma Garff, Student Life Reporter

School starts so early in the morning. Now that it’s winter, the sun hasn’t even come up yet when students are driving to school. This can make driving in the morning dangerous. What are some of these dangers?

“I almost fell asleep at the wheel,” senior, McKenzie Hintze said.

Having to wake up early and being too tired can seriously affect students’ driving.There are lots of different ways to keep students engaged in their driving.

“I blare my music to keep me awake,” senior, Ella Kalt said.

Like Kenzie Hintze, she struggles to stay awake super early in the morning, but has found a way to keep herself awake. 

Safety could also be an issue for students. 

“I walk to school and kids drive towards me and get super close to hitting me,” senior, Lina Dunn said.

This is just an accident waiting to happen.

I personally struggle to get to school everyday with only one headlight. And I assume many students also face this problem.

However there are lots of students that have no trouble getting to school in the morning.

“I don’t mind it,” an anonymous student said.

But other people who might struggle with the amount of light in the morning are bus drivers.

So what can we do to fix this? We could move school back just an hour and go through classes a little faster. This would allow students to have more time to sleep while still getting a good education. There are lots of things that students have to balance and we need to cut ourselves a little slack.