Ceramics Club Provides a Creative Environment


Ty Miller, Clubs Reporter

Working with clay, making pottery and being creative are the keys to having fun in the ceramics club. It is a way to express your imagination and personality through art. It is held in the classroom of the advisor of the club, Mr. Mike Hall.

“Ceramics is a term that refers to fired earth, so you take clay and cook it and it becomes hard and that’s what ceramics is,” advisor, Mike Hall said.

The ceramics club meets up after school every Monday (usually). Each student that signs up will have the time to individually work on what they want to do. You can listen to music or talk to your neighbors.

 “I love the community that you can build in an art classroom, it’s just a chance to have support. Art is never created well in a vacuum. We always influence each other, so being part of a community that loves art is a great opportunity to grow and develop,” senior, Mira Henderson said.

As you can probably tell from these quotes, there are a lot of positive vibes coming from Mr. Hall and his art classroom filled with paintings, drawings, and pottery.

In the ceramics club, there are very few guidelines about what you can create with your hands. One of the students in the ceramics club says that she loves the club because she loves being around good kids that just want to make art. Her name is Ellie Barker and she has only the best things to say about the ceramics club, and she can’t stop smiling throughout the interview. 

“It is really fun because the kids that are in there are really great and you can get a lot of help with your projects,” senior, Ellie Barker said.

Mira Henderson (from the club) wants everyone to know that the club works with hand building and pottery and she says that both the new and experienced will be able to have fun and create beautiful things too. 

“If you have a new person, we have a lot of experienced people to teach all the basics to you,” Henderson said.

Again, the club meets up after school every Monday. There is only a $15 entry fee. The ceramics club gives you the freedom to create art and have a blast at the same time.