Students Share Their Thoughts on Thanksgiving


Emma Garff, Student Life Reporter

Thanksgiving is the holiday between Halloween and Christmas. It is on the third Thursday of November every year, and is a fairly important holiday to Americans because of the things it represents. Several of the good things about Thanksgiving are as follows. 

“We didn’t have school. That made me happy,” senior, Madi Spilker, said. 

She is right, we had three whole days off of school for Thanksgiving. People use this time to celebrate Thanksgiving in several different ways. There are lots of different holiday traditions but it’s safe to say almost everyone gets together with their family on Thursday to have a family dinner. Some people have crazy families and get into big family fights, but it is still a special moment of bonding.

“It’s my favorite holiday,” senior, Paige Roberts, said. 

And I can see why Thanksgiving was created to honor the pilgrims that came on the Mayflower. It shows bonding between the Native Americans and Pilgrims. It is surprising when people don’t appreciate Thanksgiving as much as others.

The food that goes along with Thanksgiving isn’t amazing, but it is the magic of it that is wonderful. Families eat lots of different foods that the pilgrims ate which include sweet potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and corn.

However, some people don’t see the need for Thanksgiving. Even though they are still wonderful, good people, they might just not like it. And that is okay.

“It’s a useless holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for stuff, but I don’t need a whole day to be grateful because I’m grateful every day,” senior, Kenzie Hintze, said.

Thank goodness there is Black Friday after Thanksgiving to give them something to look forward to over the weekend. Black Friday is also an amazing thing that goes along with Thanksgiving. It allows families to prepare for Christmas with good prices.