Is Daylight Savings Outdated?

Is Daylight Savings Outdated?

Livia Olson, Clubs Reporter

Daylight savings is a topic of much debate in the United States. Hawaii and Arizona are the only states to have abolished daylight savings time. However, many other states have been talking about following Hawaii and Arizona’s lead. Germany was the first country to introduce the idea of DST in 1916. The idea was to minimize the use of man-made lighting in order to save fuel for war efforts. Eventually this idea of setting the clock an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall was adopted by most countries throughout the world.

While daylight savings was very useful in earlier days, today we have much more technology. Many argue that the back and forth between DST in the spring vs fall is creating more harm for our bodies than good. DST shows an increase in seasonal depression in the winter months. Studies show that people would rather the sun rise later and have daylight continue later in the day. This daylight could be extended for an hour if DST was abolished.

Some people, however, love the idea of DST. It is shown that DST can conserve energy. People that advocate for the environment have an especially strong push for keeping daylight savings.

“I really like how it is light in the morning when I am getting ready for school, but I don’t like how dark it gets in the evenings. I would rather not have daylight savings,” sophomore, Melia Olson, said.

“I like how we get an extra hour of sleep in the fall,” senior, Kennedi Johnson, said.

Students’ opinions are varied on daylight savings, but the overall consensus is that daylight savings is unwanted and should be abolished.