What is MSAC?


Dentallia Betoney, Clubs Reporter

The Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (MSAC) is a committee consisting of five students, each with their own stories and culture. Mrs. Faeamani and Mr. Feller are the people who direct them. The committee’s President is Eliza Lord, the Vice President is Jasmine Malhi, Secretary is Savannah Tran, and on the activity committee are Samuel Romero and DenTallia Betoney. Not to mix this up with the Multicultural Club, this is a committee.

“Just to clarify, the Multicultural Student Advisory Committee is a committee; it’s not a club, it’s different from the multicultural club. We’re a committee where we can make decisions and make changes in the school. We are here to be a voice for those who are underrepresented and marginalized in Farmington High. We are hoping to make some positive changes and spread awareness about diversity, and that differences are good,” advisor, Mrs. Faeamani, said.

On Wednesday, December 8th, MSAC went to the faculty meeting. They introduced themselves and shared an experience with racism. First, Savannah Tran introduced their goal.

“Our main goal is to be a voice for the unrepresented students in our school,” secretary, Savannah Tran, said.

Then two of the members shared their personal experience with racism and what impact would’ve happened to them if a teacher had helped them.

“One personal experience I’ve had with racism is people constantly asking if I can see out of my eyes. I’m Chinese so obviously, my eyes are slightly slimmer than most people and it’s just a recurring comment. I also have different comments on my eyes, why are your eyes so small?  Why do your eyes look like slivers? It’s just a rude and negligent comment. If a teacher were to have helped me in those situations, I would’ve felt supported,” president, Eliza Lord said.

After the committee members talked about this, Coach Coats wrapped this up with his speech. Coats talked about being racially sensitive and making sure that everyone is aware of conversations that are being talked about all over the school and even at home. And just how to be kind, and not have racial jokes going around.

The MSAC meeting was mainly held for teachers to know that this is happening in their school, even if they do not see and hear it, it still happens. If you see or hear anything regarding racism or bullying, don’t just look away, please speak out about it. To discuss this, go to Mrs. Faeamani or Mr. Feller.