Using the Buses to Get to School


Emma Garff, Student Life Reporter

The buses are amazing and a great way to get to school. They are perfect for all students. Sophomores who don’t have their license, juniors who are waiting to get a car, and seniors trying to save gas money.

“I liked riding the bus my sophomore year,” senior, Jessica Haviland, said.

It gives you time to sit and catch up with your friends or it is a great opportunity to make new friends.

“I have never taken the bus here,” senior, Alyssa Farwell, said.

This is her loss. There are so many good things about buses.

First, they have really good windows and you can see out of the whole thing.

You can also never be late to class if you take the bus. On the rare occasion the bus driver is late, you still get excused from class and marked here.

“I love bus drivers because they always know what to say after I’ve had a horrible day at school,” an anonymous student said.

Bus drivers are heroes. And she is right, they are fun people to talk to.

“I do it for the kids. It’s all about the kids. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t do it,” an anonymous bus driver said.

Not all the kids are great, but the bus drivers are.

Bus drivers don’t make you put your seatbelt on.

Bus drivers have to go through training and they drive very safely. There are almost no accidents and they never go too fast.

 There are so many good things about buses and their drivers. Buses are a great way to get to school.