To Cut or Not to Cut: A Lunch Line Travesty


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

If you have ever waited in the school lunch line you know that the duration of that experience is excruciating. As you watch students pass you with their fresh lunches, you may find yourself salivating. The urge to cut in line with your friends begins to be irresistible.

The lunch lines at Farmington are extremely long because so many students want a taste of the divine food given to them for free this year. As soon as the bell rings, students swarm the lunchroom in chaos to see who will be the first to receive their lunch. Whether it is a chicken sandwich, smoothie, salad, or pizza, each line will be filling up quickly. These circumstances bring out something in students you never would have thought would be there.

“I don’t stand in the lunch line. I don’t wait in it at all,” sophomore, Easton Spilker, states. 

The idea of waiting in a line for food is so overwhelming to people that they begin to crowd the lunch ladies and disturb them with a stupendous cacophony. It has gotten to the point where barriers had to be set up to keep students in line.

“No butts, no cuts, no coconuts,” senior, Paige Roberts, says.

It is only fair that the people who get in line first get their lunches first. There are times when you get out of class quickly and manage to get up front in the line. Then students begin their swarm and suddenly you are at the back again!

When it comes to deciding if you should cut or not, use your moral compass to determine if it is really the best thing to do. Sometimes hunger can cloud your judgment and cause you to act in a way you might regret. If this applies to you, you may consider reevaluating your lunch line decisions.