Doors Vs. Wheels


Maddie Nacey, Student Life Reporter

A recent debate has taken the internet by storm. Are there more wheels or doors on planet Earth? When you think about it, there are a ton of doors everywhere. Bedrooms, public bathrooms, offices, dollhouses, you name it and there are doors! Wheels are also everywhere! Cars, suitcases, chairs, even desk drawers contain wheels. Some students have strong opinions on this debate.

You may be asking yourself, what really is a door? In my humble opinion, a door is anything that opens one area up to another. Bedroom doors open up a bedroom to the rest of a house, a cabinet door opens a small space up to a bigger one, and car doors open an interior to the outside! Wheels are any round object that is on an axel and moves. Not a doorknob. Lego tires, hamster wheels,and  steering wheels. Consider these definitions before establishing your stand in this debate.

 “I am doors all the way, literally everything has so many doors and not everything has so many wheels,” an anonymous student said.

While they bring a good argument to the doors side of the table, wheels also roll up with powerful words. 

“You’re actually dumb if you think it’s doors,” senior, Saige Vashaw, said. 

Think about everything that has doors. Cabinets have doors, along with lockers, attics, jewelry boxes, etc. Doors are anywhere and everywhere! You couldn’t get into places without using doors!

Wheels on the other hand, they’re everywhere! How are you going to get around without wheels? We don’t live in the wild wild west anymore people, we use cars, airplanes, tractors, scooters, and so much more!

While each side of the argument has excellent thoughts, you really must stop and think. Am I team doors? Or Wheels?