To Dance or Not to Dance


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

As prom is approaching for the students at Farmington High School, many students must decide whether they should go or not. Throughout the school year, several FHS dances have been held in the gym or outside on the football field. There are also additional dances put on by the Nixelle’s parents at warehouse 22. Unless they’re stag, with each of these dances comes the responsibility of asking and responding to your date. Most high school students make a poster and write a corny pun relating to the treat or object they give them. However, occasionally you will get an outstanding performance from someone asking to a dance with something other than the classic poster on your doorstep.

“Someone told me to walk into their garage and check on their car and then they had music playing and inside their mustang was a poster asking me to the dance and my favorite candy,” junior, Mylee Merrill, said.

Once you get past this first step, the stress begins. There are common traditions such as planning a day date, buying a dress/tie, and getting corsages and boutonnieres. These do add a little pizzazz to pictures you take before the dance, but then get lost or crushed immediately after. Decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

“I think they’re epic,” senior, Grace Kunzler, says.

There are pros and cons for every aspect of school dances, and everyone has their own opinions on them. You often hear of groups who experience drama before the dance, but in the end, most people have a good experience. Whether you have the most fun on your day date, at dinner, the dance, or the after party, dances are an epic opportunity to spend time with your friends and get to know your date!