Culture in FHS vol.2


Dentallia Betoney, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Farmington has even more students and teachers who are thrilled to share their culture. This time around Noah, Lucy, and I interviewed different people with lots to say about their culture. We interviewed the Chinese teacher, Mr. Li, Trystan Allred, Savannah Tran, and Sydney Bouvaing.

Tysten Allred is from Ecuador. Ecuador is located on the West Coast of South America in between Peru and Colombia. Trysten’s mom immigrated to the United States while Trysten was a baby. Like many other responses, Trysten’s favorite thing about his culture is the family gathering, because he loves the food, dancing, and music. Trysten’s favorite food is ceviche. (suh-vee-chay) There are many different ways to eat ceviche. You can choose from shrimp, fish,  and shellfish for your seafood, then as a garnishment, you could use canguil, tostadas, or chifles. Canguil is popcorn, tostadas are a big circle tortilla, and chifles are finely sliced banana chips. All this is served with a tomato-based sauce.

Mr. Li is the Chinese teacher. Mr. Li was born in China and immigrated here in 2012 at the beginning of February, when Chinese New Year started. Around this time, many Chinese people, including Mr. Li, enjoy eating Jiao Zi. (gee-ow ze) Jiao Zi is made of meat and dough. If you haven’t figured it out already, Jiao Zi is dumplings. During Chinese New Year, many eat Jiao Zi to fill their year with luck and wealth because Jiao Zi looks like ancient Chinese currency.

Savannah Tran is half Vietnamese and half Caucasian. Vietnam is south of China, right by Thailand. Savannah’s father is Vietnamese and he immigrated here when he was 10 to seek a better education. Savannah’s grandma on her mother’s side is also Vietnamese and immigrated here after meeting Savannah’s grandpa. Savannah’s favorite thing about her culture is Vietnamese food. She enjoys Pho (fa) soup and banh mi (bun-mee) sandwiches.

“Pho is typically beef broth, with rice noodles, meat, and garments such as basil and cilantro. Bahn mi is a deli-style sandwich with different meats,” junior, Savannah Tran, said.

Sydney Bouvaing is of Mexican ethnicity. At a young age, she was adopted and hasn’t really experienced her culture to the fullest extent, although she does still submerge herself into it. She enjoys family gatherings and celebrations.

“I like quesadillas, they are really good,” sophomore, Sydney Bouvaing, said.

It is always great seeing the culture around us, but it’s even better to learn about them.