Boba Tea is a Fun and Refreshing Drink


Noah Yang, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Boba Tea, or boba for short, is a type of drink that is considerably popular in Asia and around the rest of the world. It is a flavored drink commonly made with either milk or tea, topped off with the popular choice of boba pearls. These pearls are made from tapioca and have a gelatinous texture.

“Boba originates from Taiwan and is a very popular drink in Asia. My favorite drink is the Taro milk tea with brown sugar boba, ”Tea’s Memory Employee, Megan, said

Boba is very popular around the world and especially in our community, only continuing to grow in popularity with the new boba shop, Tea’s Memory, in Farmington’s Station Park that opened last summer in July. The shop originally opened in Chinatown, Utah, but then changed locations to where it currently is now.

Some of the most popular drinks there include their Original Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, and especially their Brown Sugar Boba. The original milk tea is the original boba drink made in Taiwan, traditionally made with tea, milk, and then topped with boba. It is one of the most popular drinks in the boba shop and will most likely continue to stay that way for a long time.

“I’ve been to to a lot of boba shops in Utah, but no other shop has actually made there boba taste as good and original to what you can get back in Asia, I’m so glad this place is here,” – Tea’s Memory Customer, Taylor Duncan, said.