March Madness

March Madness

Abraham Held, Sports Reporter

It is the month of March and you know what that means, March Madness. The highly anticipated tournament every year of college basketball. One of the things that many people love to do is making a bracket to guess which teams are going to win. Warren Buffet, a multi billionaire, offered to give someone one billion dollars if they were to get the perfect bracket. 

That only made more people try and fill out brackets. Many people including me filled out more than one bracket. I filled out a couple just because you’ll never know what happens.

There were 17.3 million brackets filled out this year, and it didn’t take that long before most of them were broken. Into the first round 64 teams went in and 32 teams came out, there were many upsets, so there were only 161 perfect brackets left.

“I believe that Duke or Kansas is going to win it all,” junior, Dallan Gifford, said.

Duke is usually a highly favored team to win the title. Another team that is usually highly favored is Gonzaga, but they usually end up losing in the tournament, disappointing many.

Onto the second round with 32 teams left in the tournament. Another half of all of the  teams will be eliminated and the other half will be moving on to the sweet 16. The number one seed Baylor was eliminated by North Carolina. The two underdogs are St. Peter’s at the 15th seed and Miami at the 10th seed. 

“I think that Texas Tech is going to win the championship,” sophomore, Travis Allred, said.

Into sweet 16, more upsets were made, including number one seed Gonzaga getting beat by Arkansas. Also, St. Peter’s and Miami both winning again and moving on. Many people are now cheering on St. Peter’s because they are the biggest underdog, also they knocked out the number three seed Purdue.

That is it for the first three rounds of March Madness, a lot has happened and a lot will continue to happen.