Unpopular Opinions at FHS

Lucy Larson and Noah Yang


Lucy Larson

Sleeping with socks on, milk before cereal, Taylor Swift is overrated. These are all examples of unpopular opinions. An unpopular opinion also known as a hot take is a controversial opinion someone could have about a variety of topics. Whether it be true or false, these opinions tend to cause quite a stir among people.

Unpopular opinions have been everywhere in the media recently. People take to social media as a way to express their opinions without the social judgment that might come with them.

I interviewed a few students at Farmington High School and asked them what hot takes they have.

“An unpopular opinion that I have is that Bigfoot is real. I think this because if dinosaurs exist, then why is a big hairy man that unbelievable?” sophomore, Piper Carroll, says.

Some unpopular opinions have some logic to back them up, such as pouring milk before the cereal so it doesn’t get soggy. Others are strictly based on personal preference or taste like sophomore Charlie Frey’s distaste for chocolate ice cream.

“I think my opinion is unpopular because everyone likes chocolate,” sophomore, Charlie Frey, says.

Another common theme of unpopular opinions is the public disapproval that many people who share their opinion experience. People are quick to attack an opinion that they don’t believe or defend an opinion that they agree with.

“Everyone bullies people who like pineapple on pizza. That’s why it’s unpopular,” sophomore, Scarlet Singleton, says.

People in person and on the internet love to cause drama. Whether you prefer rainy days to sunny days or hate the taste of cheese, there will always be someone that doesn’t approve of your unpopular opinion. As long as things stay civil, unpopular opinions are a great way to make conversation or get to know someone.

What’s your unpopular opinion?