To EXPO or Not to EXPO


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

Here at Farmington High School, you may have noticed that many of the surfaces in your classroom are made up of whiteboards. Most of the walls and tables can be written and drawn on! This allows students to take notes, write down thoughts, communicate more easily, and draw pictures everywhere. There can also be downsides to this, but do the good parts outweigh the bad?

“I like to play hangman with my friends a lot and the whiteboards make that so much easier for me to do,” an anonymous student said.

This magnificent display of engineering has helped students perform and learn to the best of their ability. It is such a convenience that students shouldn’t overlook. You may also see some of the incredible artwork students and teachers have drawn if you were to take a tour of Farmington.

“As someone who is left-handed, drawing or writing on whiteboards can be a struggle sometimes. I tend to erase what I write as I go. If you see smears on your tables, that could have easily been left by me,” senior, Ashley Hintze, said.

Although few, there are some difficulties introduced when using these white boards. One of these difficulties is the well-known fact that red markers should not be used because they will stain the walls. This can make it hard if you need the color red for something, but for the most part students and teachers have managed without it. Students must always remember to carry EXPO markers with them everywhere, if you don’t, you might be out of luck for the day.

Farmington’s whiteboard walls and tables allow for a whole other level of entertainment that most high schools will never experience. If you are entirely opposed to these magic walls or forget your EXPO one day, you can always try handwritten notes on paper, or use the laptops the school has so courteously provided for us!