Warm or Cold Weather?

Warm or Cold Weather?

Alexander Gray, Student Life Reporter

Would you rather be in the tropical sun, or the cold and gloomy weather somewhere cold? People in this world love the weather, and they have preferences. Even though you cannot control the weather, you can control where you are. Some people love the hot sun and the warmth they feel when they are in it, while some people would rather be in the cold during the winter. It is all preference and it depends on what you like. Here in Utah, we get to see both the cold and the warm weather. From 30 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer, you really get to see and feel it all here.

Students here at FHS have been in both kinds of weather. Here are their thoughts on which is best.

“Cold weather sucks so bad! I would 100% rather be in the warm heat of Hawaii and getting tan rather than freezing my butt off somewhere cold,” sophomore, Ben Wright, said.

This is a hard point to argue. Who doesn’t want to be tan?

“I don’t really like the hot or cold weather. I would rather it be 65 degrees out and sunny. However, I would rather be hot than cold,” sophomore, Ethan Atkinson, said.

We counted out the fact that there is weather in the middle of the two. Those Spring days of not being hot and not being cold are awesome!

“I personally am very pale and cannot handle the hot temperatures. I would rather be in the cold covered in big coats and drinking hot cocoa,” senior, Seth Wilcox, said.

For the people who cannot tan and have to wear SPF 100, it is understandable that you may not want to go outside in the blistering heat. Just slap on some sunscreen and call it good if you want.

Overall, this argument is 100% your own opinion. There is not really a lot of consideration that goes into this argument. It’s whether you like the warm or the cold. The warmth is not for everyone, and neither is the cold.