Love at First Spike(ball)

Love at First Spike(ball)

Ella Johnston, Sports

What is the best thing to buy at Big 5 sporting goods for only $69.99? Spikeball.

Spikeball is a newer sport invented in 2007. This thrilling game is easily transportable so you can play anywhere. It consists of a net stretched out into a circle, and a small ball. 

The game is fairly simple. The basic rules are a player hits the ball onto the Spikeball net so it ricochets up towards their opponents. They then continue to hit the ball back and forth until a team cannot return the ball onto the net within their three allowed touches. 

Spikeball is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy. It only needs four players to enjoy the game. The players get a pretty good amount of exercise while having a blast playing Spikeball. As a player, you are constantly moving around trying to hit the ball off the net. The game of Spikeball can get intense while moving around. Some players even dive onto the ground to try to prevent the ball from hitting the ground. 

“I play Spikeball twelve times a day. I enjoy playing Spikeball,” sophomore, Cannon Hughes, said.

Not only is Spikeball an overall fun game, it can be played anywhere not only because of how easy the setup is, but also because it is easily transportable. The game comes in a nice small bag to carry all the supplies you need to put it together. 

“I think Spikeball is a fun game to play anywhere. You can play it in your house, in your yard, and even on the plane,” Hughes, said.

It might be a little difficult to play Spikeball on a plane, but it can definitely be played anywhere. One of the most popular places to play Spikeball is at a Spikeball club. Many colleges and high schools have Spikeball clubs. These clubs play Spikeball and some even make it to the national Spikeball tournament that started in April and will end late August.